Wednesday, July 11, 2007

CF- C+

In 2006 Johnny Damon had a career high in HR's. He appeared to have a perfect swing for Yankee Stadium. He seemed like a perfect fit in the clubhouse and a rare leadoff hitter with both power and speed. His arm was weak but it seemed like he still had pretty good range. He figured to be a catalyst at the top of the lineup. Instead the years of Damon playing hard finally seem to have caught up with him. He`s had a ridiculous amount of injuries but continued to refuse to go on the DL for the first time in his career. His arm has gone from weak to being worse than Bernie Williams' arm the past few years. His range has also detoriated. He is not a CF'er anymore and doesn't have a good enough arm to play RF. Matsui is entrenched in LF. He was tried at 1B but Phillips looks like he's the answer there actually hitting better than Damon so far and clearly Damon is the worse defender. As a result Damon has become a second Giambi only without enough power to get on base. With his injuries he`s not fast enough to hit triples or steak bases. He`s not an on base machine like Giambi and has nothing near his power. Luckily Melky has stepped in and since getting regular playing time has done even better than I predicted. Melky has pretty good range and an awesome arm. Melky also has gotten on base at a good rate since getting regular playing time. I tried to find a balance between Melky's greatness and Damon's awefulness. Melky has a very bright future ahead of him.

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