Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Movements within the Organization

Today Joba Chamberlain and Ian Kennedy were called up to AAA. Chase Wright and Tyler Clippard were sent down to AA to make room for them. Steven Jackson was also sent to AA. Brett Smith and Kevin Whelan were both promoted to AA.

Obviously the big news is the promotion of Chamberlain and Kennedy. I think this means that Chamberlain won't be called up to help the bullpen after all and he`ll probably get a September call up. I think it also means that the rest of Kennedy and Chamberlain's season will decide who will replace Clemens next year. I think these moves also show that Clippard is pretty much trade bait at this point. I think the Yankees should trade a few of their many B prospects like Clippard or Wright for a setup man that can be relied on like Gagne. Before his injury I like Otsuka but he could still be traded as a player to be named later and be used when he gets back from his injury and for the rest of his contract beyond this season.

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