Thursday, July 12, 2007

Yankees Overrall Report Card

Overall- C+
Offense- B
Starters- B
Bullpen- C-

Catcher- B
First Base- C-
Second Base- B-
Shortstop- A-
Third Base- A+
Right Field- C
Center Field- C+
Left Field- B+

Minor Moves that Need to be Made:

  1. Fire Joe Torre and hire Joe Girardi
  2. Trade Farnsworth, Vizcaino, Villone, Myers, and Nieves for a backup catcher
  3. Send down Brian Bruney to work on his control
  4. Call up Shelley Duncan, Jim Brower, Sean Henn, Ben Kozlowski, and Chris Britton

These moves are very easy to make and very realistic. They will also help the team a lot. The relievers I want to call up all have great numbers in AAA and can't do worse then the four I want to trade can they? They might even be pretty good. All good players played in the minors at one point. We also fill our big hole at backup catcher. Shelley Duncan could also be a nice bat off the bench. He`s having a great year and deserves a shot. Joe Girardi would fire up the team and couldn't possibly be worse at managing a bullpen then Torre.

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