Friday, July 27, 2007

Proctor for Wigginton Rumors

Their's a lot of talk about a Scott Proctor for Ty Wigginton trade. I don't see how Wigginton really fits. Phillips is doing a great job at first base right now and next year Damon might be at first base. That means Phillips gets sent down who has been doing a great job. The other possibility is that Damon will go back to CF and he will kill the defense that way. Proctor does have terrible periphereals this season and his arm should fall off any minute now so it wouldn't be a bad idea to trade him but I don't see how Wigginton fits. If you can trade Damon or Giambi I think its a fantastic trade but I don't see that happening which leads me to suspect that Damon will be going back to the OF which I don't want. Of course their's the possibility that Cashman just wants a backup plan in case somebody else signs A-Rod but I don't think the Yankees can take the huge drop off from A-Rod to Ty Wigginton

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