Tuesday, July 10, 2007

We've hit the ASB so now is as good a time as any to do a Mid Season Report Card on the Yankees. I`ll do a post on each position and the bullpen and rotation all together.

Catcher- B

Jorge Posada has had a great contract year so far. He has a .305 EQA which would be the second best of his career (first is .308 in 2000). Posada has been critizized a lot for his defense but his throw times are great. The Yankees pitchers in general are pretty bad at holding guys on. He should definitely be starting the ASG instead of I-Rod. if A-Rod wasn't having such an insane year he would deserve some consideration for MVP. However, Wil Nieves is a historically bad backup catcher. As pointed out by Steve Lombardi he is the worst catcher in the history of the Yankees. The Yankees have been around since 1901 (counting their years as the Orioles and Highlanders) and he's the absolute worst ever offensively. He was mainly picked over Todd Pratt though for his defense. He has only caught 5 of 22 steal attempts. If you have over a 75% success rate stealing bases you are heping your team. Nieves is not only the worst ever offensively but he is also hurting them defensively. The Yankees desperately need to make a trade to improve this position I`d like a trade for Jarod Saltalamachia of the Braves but please at least trade for somebody. A guy the could hit .200/.300/.350 would make this an A-. Saltalamachia would make it an A+

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