Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Second Base- B-

The general impression seems to be that Cano is a lazy player who is wasting away his talent. The general impression is that he has no plate disciplince and is so lazy in the field he hurts the team there to. I disagree with this. Cano is batting .274/.314/.427/.247 (BA/OBP/SLG%/EQA). Coming from second base that's pretty good. He's also a very good defensive second baseman who has mental lapses occasionally that stand out in your memory. He set the bar very high last year after hitting .340. He's still only 24. Their is a lot of teams that would love to have a guy like this. I think the reason people think he is so lazy in the field is that he is naturally so smooth and effortless in the field he looks like he is not trying. People then jump on him for this when he does make an error. He doesn't look like he's fielding well but he is producing and giving us results. The opposite of this would be Jeter who had such terrible range that he turns what are normally routine plays into webgems. On the balls that guys like Cano make good plays on Jeter dives and misses. Cano is a very good fielder and has offensive production from 2B that is pretty good. He is only 24 and should have his peak years ahead of him.

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