Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Trade Deadline

Their's only about two weeks left before we hit the trade dealine and the Yankees need to decide whether to be buyers or sellers. In the past Brian Cashman has made deadline deals that have been key to a playoff push. If the Yankees are still nine games out though at the trade deadline Babe Ruth himself couldn't push this team to the playoffs. Their's been a lot of speculation about Mark Texiera going to the Yankees but I don't think they need him. Even if they're only five games out at that point. Their are three reasons why a Texiera trade is a bad idea.
  1. He`d cost top tier prospects like Ian Kennedy and Joba Chamberlain and its not worth it for a guy who will be a FA in two years
  2. Even a player having an MVP type season only adds about 12 wins to his team's win total over what a replacement level player would do. During the two months after the trade deadline is one third of the season. That's four wins. That's what an Albert Pujols, A-Rod, or Johan Santana will give you. Texiera isn't even that good and Phillips is playing better han replacement level
  3. Andy Phillips has been playing very well lately. He has good defense and can hit pretty well.

So basically you're giving up top tier prospects like Joba Chamberlain to save the season to a guy that can't save it. Not to mention that first base isn't really the problem with this team. I believe the problems are minors and can be solved easily by looking within the organization. If I where the Yankees I wouldn't exactly be a seller but I`d be looking to cut dead weight. Getting rid of Farnsworthless, Myers, Nieves, Villone, Torre, and Damon is addition by subtraction. Maybe trade for a backup catcher or a reliever like Otsuka or Gagne but please protect the prospects

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