Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Bobby Abreu was acquired in a trade along with Cory Lidle (RIP) for a few low level minor league players and Matt Smith. Abreu had an incredible second half and was one of the best players on the Yankees after the Trade Deadline. Gary Sheffield was on the DL and when he returned played first. He played terribly on defense. Early in the off season the Yankees had an option on Gary Sheffield for 13 million dollars. Sheffield demanded that the Yankees not pick up the option and let him go. Cashman ignored him and picked up his option. Sheffield was then traded to Detroit for Kevin Whelan, Ryan Clagget, and Humberto Sanchez. Whelan and Sanchez were both very very good prospects and Clagget was pretty good. The Yankees were sick of his whining and were happy to get these prospects for him. He was coming off a wrist injury and the Yankees had no position for him. Unfortunately, Sanchez got injured and now needs TJ surgery amd Sheffield is hitting like crazy. Abreu meanwhile has been insanely frustrating. He is batting .264/.352/.373/.259 (BA/OBP/SLG%/EQA). He has also been terrible in the field. He currently has a rate 2 of 96. That all adds up to a below average player. For this Abreu earns 16 million dollars a year. To put this in context another Yankees OF'er last year had a .274 EQA with a 96 rate 2 in 58 games in RF. This player clearly did better last year and Abreu has this year. This player earned a ST invite which he refused. Yeah, Bernie Williams last year outperformed what Bobby Abreu has done this year. Yet still Torre continues to bat Abreu 3rd. Please can we bench Abreu and give Shelley Duncan or Thompson or even Kevin Reese a shot? We don't have much to lose. Maybe one of them can do for the Yankees this year what Cabrera did last year. It can't hurt can it?

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