Thursday, July 12, 2007

Coaching Staff- F

Joe Torre needs to be fired for this team to win. He`s cost the Yankees at least six games with his terrible bullpen management. He`s on pace to cost the Yankees 12 games this season. 12 games can make a huge difference. 12 more losses for the Yankees last year and the Blue Jays might have won the division. Right now if you give the Yankees back the six games Torre's cost them they're only a few games behind the Red Sox. That doesn't even count the times Torre has pinch run for Giambi late in the game only to have the other team come back and have Kevin Thompson or Miguel Cairo in the DH spot instead of Giambi. Torre can't hit for Damon but he can bench him until his many injuries heal. Torre can't pitch for Kei Igawa but he can take him out of the game when he gets tired. Torre can't run for Posada when he gets picked off second base in extra inning but he can have Kevin Thompson running instead of him. A good manager also has the ability to inspire his players. Do these guys look inspired? Does Abreu look like he`s playing to win when he jogs after a fly ball that should be an easy out that turns into a triple because he's afraid of the walls? Torre is the worst manager in baseball please please hire Joe Girardi next year.

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