Thursday, July 26, 2007

Climbing Up in the Standings

The Yankees won again today and are one win away from sweaping the "Improved" Royals. Mussina actually pitched very well today and to Jorge Posada as well. That's very important because a) Wil Nieves is gone and b) Posada is not sitting on the bench in a playoff series so Mike can have his personal catcher. I`m disgusted by the way Torre managed to find a way to use seven pitchers in a 7-1 game but hopefully that won't matter. I`ve heard rumors about Farnsworth going to Detroit and Damon going to Atlanta. If either one of those happened I`d be happy. I want Farnsworth out for obvious reasons and Damon is looking like he`s declining quickly. He`s a DH at this point with no power and medicore on base ability. Besides we have Giambi as the DH anyway. Damon can't play RF with his arm and LF is filled by Matsui. So for now its easy to use Damon as the DH but what happens when Giambi comes back? Then Torre has three decisions to choose from. Bench Giambi and use him only as a pinch hitter which Torre doesn't have the guts to do. Play Damon at first and take Phillips who has been a big part of this team out of the lineup but Torre probably won't force a well liked veteran like Damon to learn a new position. Or Torre can make the easy (and dumbest) decision and take Melky out of the lineup and put Damon in center. Personally I like the first one best but next year you can't do that. Damon doesn't fit in with this team. The Yankees would be smart to trade him.

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