Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Blame Game- Melky

Melky has been a controversial figure for Yankees fans. On one side we had people who said he was young and that it was impressive for him to even be in the majors at his age. His fielding was great and his hitting could only improve from here. On the other side we had fans who though he was a 4th outfielder. His hitting was below average. His defense was overrated. I was one of the former.

I`ve been a huge supporter of Melky comparing him to guys like Carlos Beltran. However, he has been an absolutely pathetic hitter this year. Literally, he was one of the worst hitters in baseball this year. His defense also seemed to drop off with him making mental mistakes. It finally earned him a long overdue demotion to AAA for Brett Gardner who had a big day today. This year was an important one for Melky and he really blew it. I`m very close to calling him a bust.

In April things looked great for Melky. He had power developing and he was hitting. Things have gone only downhill from there. I think we may see him traded in the offseason. The only question is who will hold over centerfield until Austin jackson is (hopefully) ready. It doesn't look like it will be Melky.

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