Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Just Survive

Things are looking bad now but if we can survive long enough to get some injured players back then we may have a shot at a comeback. Phil Hughes is just about ready and although he`s definitely no sure thing he could be better than Giese/Ponson/Rasner. Matsui is making his way back and would be a great bat to add. Pavano is almost back and if he stays healthy then he could also be better than Giese/Pavano/Rasner. Freddy Garcia is also a FA option I would`ve signed before Wednesday's start. Not to mention Mark Melancon is sitting in AAA just dominating.

The Yankees are slumping now and Boston is hot right now. Things are bound to reverse themselves but we need this to happen before its to late. If they can gain a fame or two on Boston in the next week or so then they may be in much better shape. I`m not saying you can count on them but if everything works out then they still can make the playoffs.

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