Sunday, August 17, 2008

A series win?

They actually finally won a series. Granted it was against Kansas City but I`ll take it. Its to bad they couldn't win that first game and get the sweep but oh well. Boston lost again so they`re 5 games out and back in that borderline contender range. Also, Boston is only .5 games ahead of Chicago and Minnesota.

I said yesterday this was a must win and they delivered. After Mussina's first inning I though they were in trouble and kind of annoyed at Michael Kay's constant references to Mussina's first inning struggles. However, he settled down and gave them what they needed, 7 innings of 3 run ball. He gave the bullpen a desperately needed rest.

The offense also exploded after a pathetic showing yesterday. A-Rod's first inning home run to tie it was huge and Nady's homer to give them the lead was also great. They showed everyone why the Yankees didn't want Brian Bannister.

However, lets not get ahead of ourselves. They`re still only in third in the wild card and the next series is big. They have to face both Burnett and Halladay. They need to take 2/3 against Toronto. They have a day off tomorrow.

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