Friday, August 8, 2008

Kennedy Returns, Hughes close?

I have to say this is not a matchup I`m relishing. Jered Weaver against the newly returned Ian Kennedy. However, anything is possible I suppose. We need Kennedy to pitch solidly down the stretch if we`re going to make the playoffs.

Phil Hughes was apparently brilliant in AAA last night. His next start should be 85 pitches. Should they bring him up to the majors for this one or give him one more start in AAA and give Giese a chance? I`m leaning towards the second one. Apparently Hughes has also replaced his slider with a cutter in the high '80's. I like it. It hads more seperation between his curve and cutter. Also I think its awesome that Rivera is helping the next generation of Yankees pitchers. We`re going to need Hughes down the stretch even more than Kennedy.

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