Thursday, August 14, 2008

Its Over....

I really hate to say it but this season is basically dead. 6.5 games out is to much to overcome for this team. Baring a Mets like collapse by Boston and Minnesota/Chicago this team has no hope for a comeback. I`ll keep the blog going for the rest of the year on the off-chance we`ll come back. As we go along through the rest of the season I`ll try and identify some of the reasons this team couldn't come through. In addition to this teams major flaws Giese is now injured and Hughes/Pavano will need another start before they can come back. Its really a shame to have a season like this to end the last year in the old stadium. I`m extremely dissapointed. After the trade deadline I thought this team was destined for great things. Now its time to just sit back and see how things set up for next year. Theirs still a few interesting things to watch for like the fact that Moose/Pettitte may be fighting for a rotation spot next year, how Hughes/Joba do, and a few other things. Maybe they can pull off a miraculous comeback but I have to say I`d be totally shocked.

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