Sunday, August 3, 2008

Shocking Win

I really expected the Yankees to lose today. I was completely shocked by today's game. Rasner was terrible and I`d be surprised if Kennedy didn't replace him next time around the rotation. He deserves a spot in the rotation more than Ponson but admittedly he hasn't been that great since his first month either.

Giese was great keeping them in the game. However, I wouldn't be so fast to give him another start like some people are suggesting. Edwar was dissapointing. He was great striking out the first two guys and nearly struck out the next guy but he completely lost the strike zone.

What impressed me most was the offense of course. The first 6 or 7 runs were all driven in by the new Yankees. Pudge had a homer and Nady was absolutely amazing. Had they let Boston gain another game on them they would have been in trouble.

I`ll have more thoughts on the pitching rotation later.

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