Sunday, August 17, 2008

We Hate You Carl

Pavano and Hughes have both finished their rehab starts and you know what? Somehow Pavano did much better. Hughes' velocity was down and its to risky to pitch him before he`s totally 100 percent ready. They need another pitcher.

Our options are Chase Wright, Alfredo Aceves, and Carl Pavano. Wright has been very lucky. I would never start him. I`d like to see him traded after the year. Maybe along with Kennedy, Melky, and Matsui/Damon for a good young center-fielder. That leaves Aceves and Pavano. I wanted Aceves instead of Kennedy but I think I`d have to go with Pavano instead.

They signed him to what is now an absurd deal that looked pretty good at the time. They also have had numerous chances to dump on another team. Including reportedly at least one at the trade deadline this year. They may as well go with him now. They don't have anything to lose and they have everything to gain. The season's on the line and Rasner, Rasner, and Ponson are all in our rotation. Not to mention Mussina is our ace and as a shot at the Cy Young award and 20 wins.

If Pavano struggles then Hughes can fill his spot with Aceves waiting to step in for Ponson or Rasner to get bombed. Tomorrow is yet another big game. The game against Roy Halladay is next to a guarenteed loss so they need to take tomorrow's game.

1) Mussina
2) Pettitte
3) Ponson
4) Rasner
5) Pavano

Somebody please shoot me.

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Anonymous said...

I don't understand your opinion on Chase Wright. Is this all based upon one inning last season? Why is he lucky? He was rushed last year to make an emergency start, it's not what he's been capable of lately. Have you seen him pitch at all this season? Do you think it's wise to pass judgment on a pitcher if you haven't? I hope you realize that stats don't always translate into major league success.