Sunday, August 17, 2008


Although they`ve inched closer the Yankees still have the odds heavily against them for the playoffs. Help is on the way though.
  • Matsui started his rehab assignment yesterday. He could be back by Tuesday as a DH for the year. It should be interesting to see what they do. I would think Damon would move to center but Gardner has been playing well of late. He`d obviously be a big bat to add.
  • Phil Hughes is pitching today in his last rehab start. He could be up for the game on Wednesday if he does well. He could be terrible like he was earlier in the year. Or he could be brilliant like last year. He`s replaced his slider with a cutter.
  • Some guy named Carl Pavano is also making a rehab start today in AA. Its his last rehab start. He could also be up for the game on Wednesday. I think the spot will go to whoever pitches better today. The other will come up to replace Rasner soon. Hopefully Pavano can stay healthy until Joba gets back. ;)
  • Joba is also on his way back. He`ll probably come in for whoever happens to be struggling when he`s ready.

All of these guys could be helpful additions. Particularly Matsui and Joba.

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