Friday, August 15, 2008

The Blame Game- Wang

Our next target in this series is Chien Ming Wang.

He was hurt in interleague play (I think against the Pirates) while running around the bases. Hank came out with some comments about how the NL needed to make the pitchers stop hitting afterwards. He was upset and I can't really blame him. During every off-season it seems like theirs a debate over whether Chien Ming Wang is an ace or not. He came out of the gate pitching great as usual and was even striking out hitters with his slider. He slowed down as the season went on but his injury was a crippling blow. Whether he should be or not he`s the Yankees best pitcher and losing him was awful.

We had hopes he`s be back by the middle of September but he won't be until October when the Yankees won't be playing anymore. They`re throwing out bad pitchers and seeing if they can catch lightning in a bottle. That doesn't usually work out that well. Wang was irreplaceable for the Yankees. They`ll be glad to have him back next year.

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