Friday, August 8, 2008

Mussina for Cy Young?

The way he`s pitched this year he may deserve it considering the writers hate giving awards to noncompetitive team's players or relievers. He may have a shot at 20 wins which is for some reason worth something in the eyes of the writers. However, his early season struggles may cost him.

Anyway, he bailed out a struggling Yankees offense yet again with a 7 inning shutout. Bruney and Rivera finished the game with two shutout innings. Its getting to the point in the year where sometimes my thoughts drift towards next year and if Mussina keeps doing what he`s doing it should be interesting to see what type of contract he gets. Despite all the injuries we`re only .5 games behind Minnesota and 3 games behind Boston for the wild card.

I`ll have some more posts later.

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