Saturday, August 9, 2008

Last Chance Moves

Although the trade deadline has passed their are still a few moves the Yankees can make to patch up the team. Here`s what I reccomend:

1) Call up Mark Melancon- I`m sure you`ve all heard of Mark Melancon by now. He`s the guy who came back from Tommy John surgery this year and has lived up to every bit of the hype. He`s shut down hitters at every level this year and was recently called up to AAA where his dominance continues. I realize the risk of rushing guys and having them end up like Craig Hansen. However, it may be time to call him up. The bullpe is clearly in need of help after today's meltdowns by Veras and Ramirez. I still like Farnsworth trade, he`s struggled since being traded anyway. However, he left a hole in the bullpen that Marte really hasn't filled.

He`s wasting his time in AAA. Call him up and send down Bruney who clearly isn't fully over his injury either.

2) Trade for Jarrod Washburn- He`s passed through waivers so now the Mariners can trade him. I still believe he would fit in perfectly as a reliable guy who will give you a quality start which is what is needed more than anything else. I like Phil Hughes and I actually think Pavano could useful. However, I don't really trust them and I`m not sold on Ponson, Giese, or Kennedy. Maybe now that Washburn has actually passed through waivers the Mariners will realize his value isn't as high as they think it is. He can push Kennedy out of the rotation immediately.

3) Replace Cabrera with Christian- Although I have been a big Melky supporter I can't ignore what he`s done this year. Christian has played well in his chances at the majors. Melky Cabrera is truly an awful hitter and his fielding isn't as great as some people say it is.

That's about it. They probably won't make a huge difference but I think they`d help the team and they need everything they can get.

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