Monday, August 4, 2008

Well that was a disaster

Well that was a disaster. Boston and Tampa both lost and we wasted that opportunity. When Jeter hit that ball to center I though they were going to win for a split second. But I guess now we know how valuable Rivera really is.

Theirs nobody you can specifically point the finger at. Joba was okay for the first few innings then he mysteriously got hurt, the offense scored 5 runs, Marte had to pitch 2 innings, and Girardi didn't really have any better options. I guess you just have to take this loss and move on. At least we didn't lose ground.

However, the pitching rotation got shook up badly. We don't know how bad Joba's injury is and if its serious then they`re going to desperately need somebody to step up. I`ll have more on the rotation tomorrow when we know more about his injury. Rasner's will be switching spots with Dan Giese as well. My first impression is its a bad move but I`ll have a post on this tomorrow as well hopefully.

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