Saturday, August 16, 2008

Last Game

I went to the game today and it was ugly but it was fun. I missed the game yesterday but from I heard it was ugly. It may be my last game at the old stadium. It was a good one to.

For the first 6 innings we did our now typical whining about hitting with RISP and they`re terrible luck. However, in the 7th they capitalized on 2 errors and a wild pitch to tie the game at 2. By the time the 13th rolled around the stadium had just about emptied out. Finally, Brett Gardner got the walk off hit for the second time in his young career.

Ponson did his typical performance getting into a ton of jams and miraculously getting out. He`s become this year's Aaron Small with less run support. The bullpen was also brilliant. The only one who did poorly was Damaso Marte who walked the only batter he faced. I`m more than a little worried about him. I still like him but he seems to need to adjust to a new team. Maybe for now Girardi should try and have him avoid key spots.

Although it doesn't really matter in the big picture it was a good game.

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